Can one freeze a buffalo mozzarella log?



krusher June 23, 2013
Actually I rang a friend of mine who lives and cooks in Tuscany and who loves his fresh buffalo mozzarella about this because I was also conflicted. I had a fresh. flown from Italy buffalo mozzarella in my fridge and was about freeze it. Bruno nearly fell off his chair in anguish begging not to do this terrible thing. Of course I didn't and I am pleased. I/we have eaten our way through this thing of beauty in many ways and now it is all gone. It was splendid. I agree with Pierino. It MUST be fresh.
Ida Y. June 19, 2013
Beware that your mozzarella may end up dry, in which case you should use it to cook with, but it definitely might not be as enjoyable as it would have been fresh. Alternatively, you can give this a try ( if you want to freeze it and still enjoy it as is.
pierino June 19, 2013
Buffala mozzarella? No, no and no! You will destroy all of it's characteristics. It MUST be fresh. That's why the imported stuff isn't as good as our domestic product. It doesn't travel well. Buffala from real water buffalo is now being produced in the United States. Sure go ahead and freeze low moisture mozzarella, knock yourself out. But for true buffala, forget it.
mensaque June 19, 2013
I freeze mozzarela all the time and find that it does not affect it's consistency,flavour or "meltability"...Cut it in smaller pieces,wrap in plastic film and keep it for 6 months in the freezer with no trouble at all.
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