freezing eggplant parmasean

I have made two pans of eggplant parmesan and would liker o freeze one. The layers are sauce, fried breaded eggplant and mozzarella and parmesan cheese. I was going to freeze and then cook, should I cook it first?



ChezHenry February 23, 2014
In the future, I would recommend not compiling this dish before freezing. Take your fried eggplant, freeze that separately. Take your sauce, freeze that separately. The day you want to eat it place these items in your fridge to defrost. That night, compile the dish using fresh mozzarella and parmiggiano reggiano. The real cooking is in the eggplant frying and sauce making. The final dish is composed easily. I grew up in an Italian household and thats how my mother would do it. Cheese in general does not freeze well. Of course you "can" freeze this composed, but the end result will be much better if frozen and stored as components.
Maedl February 23, 2014
That sounds like a good idea--and if you only want small portions, you could package the sauce and eggplant accordingly. I’ll have to give it a try.
Maedl February 23, 2014
I have always baked mine before I freeze it. When it is baked, I divide it into portions and freeze the individuals packages so I can have just one or two servings at a time.
ATG117 February 23, 2014
Freezing and then cooking will work out well. Before you bake, you may want to add some fresh grated cheese to the top layer.
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