Persian Desserts

Do you have a favorite? And as an addendum, what's your favorite type/brand of cinnamon.

  • Posted by: ATG117
  • June 19, 2013


krusher June 23, 2013
The phyllo pastry pistachio dessert is truly an outstanding Persian sweet after dinner enjoyment. Actually in knowing spice circles, the cinnamon from Sri Lanka (known around the traps as Ceylon cinnamon) is regarded as the top of the crop by a wide margin. Indonesian cinnamon, interestingly enough, has a similar taste but has larger, coarser quills. A lot of cinnamon in the US and Australia is cassia cinnamon and is not as well regarded by those who know who are experts in the field. I hope that gives you, ATG117, a feel about the cinnamon market at the moment.
Kitchen B. June 19, 2013
My favourite persian dessert is....... hmmm....baklava - a pecan version. Does Turkish yogurt with ginger jam and flaked almonds count. OK sub the Turkish with 'drained, thick', ok?

My favourite type of cinnamon is Cassia bark often called Vietnamese/Saigon cinnamon. It is sweeter and warmer than regular cinnamon which I find harsh!
mensaque June 19, 2013
Baklava!Phylo dough,pistachio and honey never tasted so good...And for the cinamon,I like chinese cinamon better.It seems more fragant than spicy,wich works better in desserts for my taste.
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