Best type of cinnamon for pumpkin butter, apple butter, etc,

What is best type (place of origin, I'm guessing) is best for pumpkin butter, apple butter, and other sweet things made with cinnamon that are not baked? I made a batch of pumpkin butter (roasted in the oven) in which the cinnamon has a rough, seriously raucous taste. It's so harsh, all you notice is the cinnamon. (I didn't add that much.). What kind of cinnamon should I use? Specific brand information would be welcomed, too, as I know there can be differences. Thank you, everyone. ;o)



KLS November 26, 2021
I don't know what kind you used; I prefer Vietnamese which I think you can get from King Arthur.
Miss_Karen November 26, 2021
Ceylon ccinnamon! It has a subtle fruity finish and is 10000x better that what is sold at the local grocery store. (which has a vile acerbic taste)
AntoniaJames November 26, 2021
Thank you, Miss Karen! Very helpful. ;o)
Miss_Karen November 26, 2021
You're welcome. I think the junk typically sold in grocery stores is Vietnamese...BLEH!
drbabs November 26, 2021
When I was in Costa Rica, we went to a spice farm called Villa Vanilla, and learned a lot about spices there. Most cinnamon sold in the US is really cassia because it has a similar flavor and is much les expensive. They sold Ceylon cinnamon, which I liked (it was really cinnamon) even though I don’t particularly like cinnamon. I do like it blended with other spices. In sweet applications, I add a bit of nutmeg and sometimes clove, ginger or allspice, and that rounds it out to my taste. I generally buy spices from Penzey's and their Vietnamese cinnamon is the one I like best.
AntoniaJames November 26, 2021
Thanks, drbabs! I've been buying the Penzey's blend (4, I think, different cinnamons combined), as well as King Arthur Baking's cinnamon. I will definitely have to try both the Vietnamese and the Ceylon. What I'm using now is just too harsh. (In all fairness, what I used for the pumpkin butter could have come from my local bulk foods store, purchased at a point when I was out of the cinnamon I buy online. Either way, I need to get this right.) ;o)
Nancy November 26, 2021
Have you tried Saigon cinnamon (richer, some find harsher than common Ceylon cinnamon)? Mostly on-line/Mail order.
Cinnamon extract from the baking aisle?
Or using a cinnamon infused liqueur?
Last, I have tried apple butter or apple sauce made with vodka, which smooths the flavors...
Nancy November 26, 2021
And if you find the cinnamon too harsh, consider other warm spices like star or regular anise, cardamom,
AntoniaJames November 26, 2021
Vodka?! I have never heard of that, or thought to try it.
Thank you Nancy for all these ideas. ;o)
Nancy November 26, 2021
I think I first learned it from Julia Child, but can't find the recipe at the moment. Uses a little bit of vodka or brandy for about 2 lb of apples. See also for a recipe.
AntoniaJames November 26, 2021
Splendid. Thank you! I just bought some brandy (I put a splash in my turkey gravy and then use it throughout the holidays) so I'm going to give this a try. ;o)
Nancy November 26, 2021
Julia Child's version.
She uses vanilla extract or (no surprise) Calvados.
More to explore.
Nancy November 28, 2021
More independent info about 4 types of cinnamon (Ceylon, Korintje, Saigon, Royal).
AntoniaJames November 26, 2021
Yikes, I should have proofread that . . . What is the best type of cinnamon, I mean. Sorry! ;o)
MMH November 26, 2021
This will let you know that I am very easily entertained but I am fascinated by going to Penzey’s and sniffing the cinnamon from different regions. Im not sure if you can still do that but cinnamon especially is very distinctive.
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