The hostess for Thanksgiving dinner is allergic to cinnamon and I am bringing dessert. Can you recommend any substitutions for cinnamon?



elyze November 22, 2020
depending on your dish, just use any other spice you like instead of cinnamon! vanilla, cardamom, nutmeg, clove, ginger - some or a combo of these will be fine in pumpkin pie, etc, without the cinnamon :) or like other commenter said.. a chocolate or citrus or fruit dessert would be great. and five spice is the blend that has cinnamon.. not allspice :) allspice is it's own spice which is *not* cinnamon and can def be used as a sub.
Pamela L. November 22, 2020
Anything dairy (cheesecake, crème caramel, crème brulee, clafouti), anything chocolate (mousse, pots de creme, flourless torte, individual lava cakes), anything citrus (Shaker Lemon Pie, Lemon Meringue Pie, Key Lime Pie), anything fruit and almond (Pithivier, Frangipane), anything Fruit (poached pears in white wine and ginger) with a rich pound cake, Homemade Ice Cream paired with interesting sheet cake, Celebration Layer Cake (Brooklyn Blackout, Chocolate with Stout, Lemon Elderflower, Coconut Ginger) ...
Miss_Karen November 4, 2020
Skip the allspice. It's a blend that contains cinnamon.
Nancy November 4, 2020
Avoid allspice, yes, if you dislike.
However the spice is the dried unripe berry of the plant pimento dioca (sp?), a.k.a. pimento in Jamaica.
Charleen November 4, 2020
Thank you, Nancy. I was thinking of allspice. I know it is not a blend of spices but some people say the taste is somewhat like cinnamon or nutmeg or cardamom.
Nancy November 2, 2020
For apple pie, gingerbread or the like?
Any of the warm used in "baking spice. "
Ginger, clove, cardamom, anise or fennel seed, mace, nutmeg.
More exotic ones (from current or historical recipes, often in smaller quantities or mixed in a blend) include coriander, galangal (related to ginger), long pepper, grains of paradise.
Very small amounts of pepper, ground black or powdered chile.
Nancy November 2, 2020
Knew I forgot one of the common "warm" spices - allspice.
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