I defrosted my homemade pie crust in fridge about a week ago. Can I still use it?

My fridge runs on the cold side and the crust ball is still rock hard. It feels like it is still frozen. I can barely make a dent in it if I push on it with my finger. If I want to use it for pie tomorrow evening should I leave it out on the counter tomorrow morning so it is ready by about noon?

Emily Woods


ChefJune June 25, 2013
Stephanie, I'd take it out of the freezer WEDnesday night. I find sometimes defrosting a lump of dough like that takes longer than you'd think.
Stephanie G. June 25, 2013
To piggy back...I have some cookie dough I froze last month. I want to make the cookies on Saturday...put the dough in the fridge Thursday night?
dymnyno June 24, 2013
Watch that dough...I am always amazed at how fast dough softens up! It won't take too long to soften if your air conditioning(?) is off.
bigpan June 24, 2013
And... I would have your fridge checked out. Today's models have a computer "motherboard" that controls everything - especially area temperatures. Mine also runs a bit cold.

The repair guy suggested unplugging the fridge for 10 minutes then plug in again as the motherboard will reset. Like rebooting your computer.

If that does not solve your fridge temperature problem you have to decide: new motherboard for $250 or new fridge. Tough decision.
ChefOno June 22, 2013

If it's been in the refrigerator for a week, it's well defrosted (unless you've got 20+ pounds of it). It's hard because fat is hard at that temperature. As for safety, I'd be concerned about mold as pastry dough is a near perfect growth medium (protein + water) and virtually impossible to make without contamination. In my experience, the first signs are very small spots on the surface so look carefully. Next time you might want to flatten the ball into a disc before refrigerating / freezing which makes it a little easier and quicker to roll out. Keep your eye on it tomorrow while it's on the counter and if it gets too soft (sticky), throw it back in the fridge.

Author Comment
Ah, and I missed the biggest part of your question! Yes, leaving it outside of refrigeration to soften will be fine. Just keep an eye on it so it doesn't get TOO soft!
Author Comment
It should be fine, Emily. Just give it a good once over and smell and trust your instincts. As long as it doesn't smell sour or have any spots on it you are good to go!
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