Frozen apple pie has thawed, can it still be salvaged or should I look to make something else?

I have an apple pie with strudel crust, that I didn't realize was supposed to stay frozen until baked. I stored it in the fridge and now it has thawed. Can it still be salvaged?



Gloria S. December 25, 2023
Awesome answer cool thank you!
Amanda W. November 26, 2020
Hi, it still should be totally fine. You will probably just end up with a soggier bottom but still delicious. The cooking time will be shorter. I don't know what the original cooking time is though, so I can't say how long it would be. Maybe just check on it after 20 minutes. If the top gets too dark, loosely cover it with some aluminum foil.
Chefonwheels November 26, 2020
THANK YOU!!! Happy Thanksgiving!
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