Has anyone tried the low-fat cream cheese Neuchatel (sp?) I've been told to stay on a low-fat, low-carb diet and the low-fat dairy products seem...

...to be better for my diet.

Best Cream Cheese Cookies
Recipe question for: Best Cream Cheese Cookies


LenoreHill June 22, 2013
Your answer makes a lot of sense. I'm not willing to try a low-fate substitute for butter as it always gives the best results with baking.
sdebrango June 22, 2013
I have also tried and don't like the results. The cookies are really delicious, i know you will love them. Let us know how they turn out!
sdebrango June 22, 2013
I have had these cookies many times they are wonderful, have never used low fat cream cheese full fat cream cheese has 9 grams per serving and low fat 6 grams so I don't think it will impact the outcome of the cookies significantly. The recipe also calls for 8 ounces of butter which has more fat per serving than full fat cream cheese (11 grams) If you are using the low fat cream cheese and the butter then I don't anticipate any problems with the outcome. Maybe someone with a background in nutrition can weigh in on this also.
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