Does this cookie not need baking soda? Will that mean the cookie comes out a little flatter than regular cookies? Thanks!

Best Cream Cheese Cookies
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Sigita April 9, 2012
No leavening in this cookie- I have made them often - and I find it helpful to press them down a bit- either with the back of a tablespoon or a small glass - it helps them bake more evenly. These are rich decadent cookies that take minutes to make. Everyone loves them and can't figure out what is in them.
Peter October 11, 2011
Nutcakes, to your storage question -- the Food52 Team brought me some in a tupperware that lasted for 3 or 4 days and were perfectly fresh. (how they didn't all get eaten by then is beyond me!)
happycao October 11, 2011
thank you everyone! I've just never heard of cookies without baking powder/soda unless its shortbread. Definitely gonna give it a go!
nutcakes October 3, 2011
Any tips on storage? Will they stay crisp on the edges at all after day one?
Merrill S. October 3, 2011
Thanks, everyone, for chiming in! No leavening necessary, but they still puff a little in the middle.
nutcakes October 3, 2011
Thanks for asking a question and bringing these to my attention. I whipped up a batch right away and they are crisp on the edges and chewy in the middle. Not crumbly at all. Does not taste like shortbread, Almost like a meringue but no egg! (Can't wait until my allergic friend tries it.) Well worth making, easy and even elegant. I would serve it for teas or with a light dessert that just needed a little cookie alongside. It is going onto my next cookie tray.

And no baking soda needed, to get back to the question.
Niknud October 3, 2011
Ditto - just lovely cookies!
CarlaCooks October 3, 2011
I had the same experience ad mcs3000. No baking soda and cookies came out just fine. They are a bit flat and crumbly, but don't that against these delicious and super easy cookies!
mcs3000 October 3, 2011
No baking soda. Mine came out just like Merrill said they would. I hope you try them - so wonderful and genius.
DebS October 3, 2011
I would say it does not need it; shortbread doesn't usually have any leavener (sp?) in it. They will likely be more crumbly or chewy than cakey.

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