I am remodeling my kitchen and considering a Wolf Steamer. What do current owners think of them?

I am especially interested in using it as a slow cooker.

sandy beach
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1 Comment

boulangere June 24, 2013
We have a large free-standing steamer (sorry, but I don't recall the brand). It is approximately 3 months old, having replaced a similar unit that hit the end of its useful life at the age of 5 years. It's a great tool. When it works. It leaks not infrequently, creating truly hazardous puddles on the floor. It turns off spontaneously, usually at the least convenient time, such as in the middle of cooking two types of pasta for 150 guests or scrambled eggs for even more. We not so fondly refer to it as the $10,000 paper weight. I'd burn my house down before I would install one.
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