Son heading back to college and wants a slow cooker for his kitchen I've never really used one--can you give me some recipes-loves Asian/Indian/spicey

  • Posted by: Nibbles
  • August 12, 2016


My F. August 14, 2016
My favorite thing to do in a slow cooker is pulled pork. simply put a piece of pork shoulder (or the shoulder of any quadruped, really) in the cooker on low for 12-24 hours depending on the size of his slowcooker and the piece of meat.

Not seasoning the meat beforehand means you can do a pork around the world thing all week! Serve with plum sauce, spicy mustard and stir fried veggies one day and salsa verde and pickled jalapenos in a taco the next.
nutcakes August 13, 2016
I don't make Chinese dishes that use stewing or braising method (usually stirfry it the thing), but I do have one and it is epic. It is called 'Master Sauce' chicken and it is whole chicken braised in soy sauce, sherry and aromatics like ginger and scallion and a bit of golden rock sugar for body and sweetness. So delicious. The great thing is that once you have the sauce you just use a little on your rice, then you freeze it and use it again for chicken parts. However I won't post unless you ask for it because it sounds impractical because of the need for real Chinese wine or sherry and what to do with all the sauce, it is too intense to do much with except make the dish again. Although it is good for cooking carrots and steeping hard boiled eggs in.

It isn't Asian or Indian but Chili can be as spicy as you want and works very well in a crock pot.
Michele August 13, 2016
I have a great slow cooker cookbook - The Gourmet Slow Cooker by Lynn Alley - that I use a lot. There is section with Indian recipes: Eggplant and Pea Curry / Chicken Curry / Beef Biryani and more. The recipes are well set out and clear and give good results. Maybe you could borrow a copy from the library and (dare I say?) photocopy?
Also, if you haven't bought the slow cooker I would add that you should choose one that has the insert that is removable for easy cleaning. I have a workhorse All Clad with a porcelain insert and love it, but it does need a lot of care in washing in the sink which college kids might not have the patience to do.
NYNCtg August 12, 2016
I love this whole chicken recipe from this site.
it comes out awesome every time. sometimes we eat it as is. sometimes we use he broth to make rice and have it that way.

But I've got to say where I used to use my slow cooker I am turning into a pressure cooker convert.
walkie74 August 12, 2016
Easy-- coconut curry! He can add more pepper flakes as he sees fit.
Alexandra V. August 12, 2016
Here is my recipe for crock pot carne guisada, which is Mexican pot roast, its great for tacos!
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