Making cakes today for Sunday- how to store them for optimal freshness?

Hi All, I've got two strawberry cakes (butter-based) and a vegan chocolate cake just out of the oven. I need to keep them as fresh as possible until I frost them Sunday morning (so just about 48 hrs from now). Is it overkill to freeze and then thaw? Should I simply wrap them tightly and store at room temp? They are for my son's 7th birthday so this is mission-critical. :)



Regine June 28, 2013
Correction to first sentence. "then leave," not "than leave."
Regine June 28, 2013
I would let them cool at room temperature than leave them outside (of course covered). You can however still refrigerate them (after they ave cooled) until Sunday. Just make sure, however, that you don't serve the cake immediately to allow the cakes to soften up (particularly the butter based cakes which harden when refrigerated). Either way, leave outside or in the fridge, should be fine.
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