Where can I find Alchermes liquor?

This is a fancy Tuscan liquor used for bakery. Available commonly in Italy but having a hard time here in the US.



Brandon R. July 9, 2019
Heirloom Liqueurs has released an Alchermes with no artificial flavor or coloring. Available across NY, CA, IN, NV, AZ, IL, WI as well as online.
Deborah December 14, 2018
Perhaps this will cut your search time: At this time of 12/18, Corti Bros., in Sacramento, CA., sells a 1 liter bottle of Luxardo Alchermes for $38.99 + $29.34 for shipping = $68.33.
I have been corresponding with "Delicious Italy" in Rome, and spoke with 2 Santa Maria Novella stores located in the US (Chevy Chase and NYC) to learn that none of the US stores sell the Alchermes liqueur due to FDA regulations, and also the stores not having liquor licenses. The three brands I have seen available are Lazzaroni, Luxor, and Santa Maria Novella.
If anyone knows another place besides the Corti Bros, please let me know. Thank you all, may you find what you seek.
GIOVANNI50 December 22, 2018
I made a genoise cake yesterday and soaked it in alchermes. It smells great but I think it was too much alcohol. I need to dilute some more and find a sprayer or another way to pour it. Does anyone know the right proportions using the Luxor plastic bottle and sugared water?
GIOVANNI50 December 22, 2018
I bought it from Chef Rubber 5 years ago. It now I cant find it on the mobile version of the web site
cucina D. April 23, 2014
Trying to recreate a recipe and need this famous liquore... surprisingly found an actual Santa Maria Novella Shop close to me in Bal harbour Shops, Miami (I live in Fort Myers Florida on the west coast of the Florida). Just called and left a message, hoping they will ship to me with credit card purchase or else its looking like a road trip to Miami for me very soon :)
GIOVANNI50 September 17, 2014
Try the Corti bro. link above. They ship to your door.
GIOVANNI50 June 30, 2013
That is awesome. So close and yet I didn't know. However, they don't sell the Alchermes there either. Thank you Maedl!
Maedl June 30, 2013
Giovanni, there is a Santa Maria Novella shop on Wisconsin Ave., just beyond the District line in Friendship Heights. You might try calling them.
GIOVANNI50 June 30, 2013
I tried calling them and they would not ship from Italy. Cortis is shipping me some.
Maedl June 30, 2013
Which farmacia? Is it Santa Maria Novella?
pierino June 30, 2013
Yes, that would be the one; Antica Farmacia Santa Maria Novella.
Maedl June 30, 2013
Looks like you could make your own, too. See http://lpoli.50webs.com/htm%20texts/Alkermes.htm
GIOVANNI50 June 30, 2013
Tried it but it is not the same. The rose water is a big high quality element to this. It is said the Medicis drank this elixir to keep from getting sick it is very good tasting stuff but it has to be diluted for use in cakes and what not. May be Pierino can share experience with this. I only know because mamma used it a lot in Italy when I was a kid. Cheers
pierino June 30, 2013
Giovanni you know way more on the subject than I do. I just had a hunch you could find it at Corti. My friend Howard Isaacs devotes a paragraph to it in his "Dictionary of Italian Cuisine" which he co-authored with Maureen Fant. The name originates from Arabic and the traditional style uses cochineal as a coloring agent. The authors cite one particular farmacia in Firenze that still bottles the original formula.
GIOVANNI50 June 29, 2013
Yeap. This is the link

Spelled Alkermes. Pierino you are awesome man!
pierino June 29, 2013
Beata Lei! Non c'e problema.
pierino June 29, 2013
I can't guarantee it but you might try Corti Bros. in Sacramento, CA. Try their website or give them a call. They do have pretty amazing products there. Ask for Rick Mindermann if he's available. He'll know. Good luck.
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