Ny Tuscan saltless bread came out wuth a crust so hard I can hadly cut it and the iiii indide

inside is very dense. I have made this before succesfully. The only difference is that I used a machine to mix the dough instead of using hand kneading. I did follow the directios for machine kneading. What went wrong and how do I correct for it?

  • Posted by: Billy
  • December 23, 2022


drbabs December 24, 2022
Possibly it has been over-kneaded, which you can do with a machine. Here’s a tutorial that might help. https://www.thekitchn.com/bread-baking-clinic-under-knea-157484
Nancy December 24, 2022
As for what to do with the current (very hard) loaf - add vinaigrette and vegetables to make a bread salad. Or some milk, eggs, fruit and sugar to bake up as a pudding.
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