What to do with hummus

I have an unopened pint of it and it expires in 3 days. I am also going out of town. Can I freeze it? Or will it keep in the fridge? Or should I eat it up? Kinda hard to take on a plane... Thanks!



Sam1148 July 4, 2013
Road trip?
Make a sandwhich..a big sandwich.
Cut a "V" into the loaf of french bread/italian bread. Coat with hummus on the bread. Add layers of mortadella, peperonie, salami..
Roasted red pepper (the canned spanish ones are good)...artichokes. (the canned or frozen ones)..some thin sliced onions. and greek pickled peppers (optional).

Wrap that up really tight in wax paper...and press it in the 'fridge....Then slice it up and wrap in 3 inch slices..it'll last 2-3 days...for a road trip.In a small cooler with ice packs and replenished with ice or gell packs.

andrea L. July 4, 2013
I think it would be really good if used as a pizza sauce substitute :). Or even deviled eggs/potato salad.
Adianne July 3, 2013
I have frozen humus and it is a little softer when you thaw it but perfectly good. In fact some people prefer the smoother texture. Make sure you take it out of the freezer an let it though completely in the refrigerator.
Louisa M. July 3, 2013
I'd recommend the following recipe for using it up:
Rebecca V. July 3, 2013
how long are you going away for? if it's less than a few weeks, i would prob just stash it in a cold part of the fridge, usually toward the back. i prefer not to freeze things and also take expiration dates as conservative suggestions... i think it should be ready for you to eat when you get back!
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