I made way (WAY!) too much hummus a couple of days ago. Does hummus freeze OK? or can I make soup with it or.... something?

Or what if I incorporated it into a yeast bread? It is a very mild (boring) smooth hummus that I make for my daughter's lunches. Thanks creative thinkers at food52!



janixes January 9, 2012
Pumpkin hummus is to die for! Add mashed
Pumpkin and perhaps sprinkle some toasted pepitas on top to serve.
Make a Lebanese flatbread with dukkah, or coat on a quinoa salad
susan G. January 9, 2012
Checking on Eat Your Books for soup suggestions, I found 2 -- in Mark Bittman's Vegetarian, Smooth Chickpea Soup; in Tassajara Cooking, Garbanzo Bean Soup (Ingredients: soy sauce; parsley; garlic; onions; tahini; lemons; garbanzo beans; celery). Seems like you could reinvent either one, using the hummos as a starting point.
susan G. January 8, 2012
Lots of flavor profiles can modify the hummos -- roasted peppers of any color or heat, preserved lemons, cilantro/lime, dried tomatoes. However, your daughter may not appreciate a shift in the paradigm.
Jeffro January 8, 2012
I can't see why a pretty straight forward hummous wouldn't freeze beautifully. There isn't really anything in it that would keep it from freezing, or intensify in flavor drastically.
yesplease January 8, 2012
I love to thin hummus with a little stock or broth, some chopped garlic and herbs, and toss with spaghetti. Healthy, creamy, quick.
Droplet January 8, 2012
It will make some nice fritters with a few additions of choice (chopped herbs, some cheese, breadcrumbs).
Author Comment
I have not frozen hummus before but when I have leftovers I spread a think layer on a prepared pizza crust, pita, or wrap and make cold "pizzas"! Use it as the base layer and then top with veggies, sprouts, olives, etc! Yum!
Sadassa_Ulna January 8, 2012
I found this so now I know about freezing (yeah!) But I would be curious if anyone has "re-use" ideas... thanks!
Sadassa_Ulna January 8, 2012
http://www.food52.com/hotline/5744-how-long-will-homemade-hummus-keep-in-the-fridge is what I meant to include...
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