mustard essence

making mostarda, found mustard oil at a specialty store nearby but it's not quite right. i see bach, flower essence, and some other brands online; wondering if anyone has a specific recommendation. thanks!

Rebecca Vitale


LarAl2015 August 15, 2015
This is one of the two threads I came across while searching for this 'essential' ingredient to make Mostarda di Cremona. It seems there is a huge amount of misinformation floating about on the web about this. Many recipes use prepared mustard powder or Indian 'mustard oil' or other wrong ingredients. Even Batali got it wrong. The right ingredient is called 'mustard essential oil'. It is steam distilled, not cold pressed like the Indian variant. I finally found a source of the real thing on eBay and posted a new thread on the subject:
Germano January 9, 2014
What about here:
Rebecca V. November 14, 2013
Hi Mary-- This is the right product. The Italian on the page, -- "Essenza di senape super concentrata ideale per preparare la mostarda" -- means, "super-concentrated mustard essence ideal for the preparation of mostarda."

They were offering larger packages to ship abroad (incl to the US) but now seem to be out of stock and waiting on new inventory. I'll check in every once in a while and see if there is progress!

AntoniaJames, I think it's worth a shot, for sure! I personally would not substitute anything else into a mostarda, so it's the oil or nothing for me :) There really is no comparison whatsoever.
Rebecca V. November 14, 2013
Here is the out-of-stock message: "Essenza di senape super concentrata ideale per preparare la mostarda. ml. 15 PRODOTTO AL MOMENTO ESAURITO ATTENDIAMO NUOVA PRODUZIONE"

(I speak Italian FYI)
Vico December 23, 2014
I normally have my family, in Italy, send it to me. I've searched for it for years here in the US. If you have any family or friends in Italy have them buy it at a drogheria and mail it to you. Nothing you can buy here, including dry mustard, is an acceptable substitute. Best of luck.
Rebecca V. December 23, 2014
Thanks, Vico!! I'm so happy to have a fellow appreciator of the real deal, hahaha. Still trying, wish me luck! Happy mostarda-making.
AntoniaJames November 14, 2013
Are you sure that they'll ship to the U.S.? I understand that product has been banned in here as it is considered a national security threat, given that it can be used in chemical warfare. (I'm not kidding. Ever hear of mustard gas?) I've been told that it is extremely strong, i.e., that only a drop or two is all that's needed to flavor mostarda. I'd want to check to see if someone has actually received a shipment of this, delivered to their door, in the U.S. I'd hate to go to the trouble and expense of purchasing it and then find that U.S. customs has confiscated it (at your loss). ;o)
mary P. November 14, 2013
I might want in on that order! Can u first get a sample or confirm this is an acceptable/right product, from an Italian chef, cook, or reputable delicatessen? My mostarda recipe calls for essence of orange & essence of mustard, so I'm looking too.
Rebecca V. November 14, 2013
Mary, also, thanks for reminding me to get back on this! I have a good feeling it will work out one of these days.
Rebecca V. July 7, 2013
i found some! shipping is nontrivial compared to price, though. it costs $135 total to ship twelve 15mL bottles to the US (anyone?).

on the regular product page (not US 12-pack) it says this is what's used to make mostarda.
Rebecca V. July 7, 2013
+ $8 s&h = $143 total, actually. in any case, still surveying options...
sexyLAMBCHOPx July 7, 2013
what about calling or taking a trip to Arthur Avenue grocers or Eataly? Did you send a message to Maria Teresa Jorge for suggestions?
sexyLAMBCHOPx July 7, 2013
Maybe they can recommend an Italian pharmacy source - good luck.
Rebecca V. July 7, 2013
in italy, the essenza di mostarda is purchased in the pharmacy; food purveyors don't carry it, even there. i was hoping (naively) that mustard oil, once i found it, would work (it didn't), and then hoping that someone on here would already have a source online (anyone to the rescue?). there are a multitude of italian grocers nearby as i live in an historic italian neighborhood of brooklyn, but none of them will be carrying what i'm looking for, unfortunately. nor does sahadi's (nor kalustyan's, i imagine). will need to track this down online.
Rebecca V. July 7, 2013
essenza di senape, i meant! scusate
sexyLAMBCHOPx July 7, 2013
Is there a favorite, authentic Italian restaurant or grocery near you? If so, stop in and talk to them about sourcing.
susan G. July 7, 2013
Bach flower remedies are made from water infusions of flowers in water, in the sun. No culinary application.


Mostarda is an Italian condiment made of candied fruit and a mustard flavoured syrup. Commercially the essential oil of mustard is employed, which has the advantage of transparency; in home cooking mustard powder heated in white wine may be used. Wikipedia
susan G. July 7, 2013
Have you looked at this recipe? The cook is a chef in Portugal who has lived in Italy.
Rebecca V. July 7, 2013
yes! i read this since posting the original question, so i realize i am in fact not looking for what bach is offering:

Rebecca V. July 7, 2013
i did see the mostarda mantovana and it does not have a source listed for what i am looking for. regular mustard oil is too oily, and the substitute with mustard powder listed in the wikipedia article really has no comparison to what is used in cremona/italy. still on the search for the essential oil! checking italian sites, will report back.
Rebecca V. July 6, 2013
thanks, panfusine-- i actually do have mustard oil, but i've used something stronger making mostarda in italy, purchased at a pharmacy, and am looking for that. i'm think i'm going to try bach brand mustard essence, which comes in a dropper bottle. was just wondering if anyone reading the hotline had a brand recommendation since i'm shooting in the dark a little with no farmacia around!
Panfusine July 6, 2013
Mustard oil is a Pantry staple for East Indian (bengali) cuisine and I'd recommend looking for mustard oil from an Indian Grocery store (I usually rely on Dabur Brand).
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