many Indian recipes ask for mustard oil. all the bottles I find here are labelled for external use. does anyone have an online source for foo

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The S. June 3, 2012
I used to really fret about this. I have small kids and I am not Indian, so for me it was an issue of starting to eat mustard oil rather than quitting. But then I realized that there ARE mustard oil blends (blended with canola) sold for consumption, which I found ridiculous. so I use the stuff now. It hasn't killed us yet and mustard is my favorite Indian flavor (well mustard and cumin but I associate cumin with lots of cuisines).
NealB June 2, 2012
The New York Times did an article about it a few months back that was kind interesting.
Quinciferous June 2, 2012
Mustard oil can only be sold in the US with that external-use-only label because of a possible carcinogen in mustard oil. However, the stuff you eat in South Asia is exactly the same as the "massage oil" you buy here in the US -- even some of the same brands are available.

I wouldn't stop eating the stuff if you paid me -- it lends an incomparable spiciness that can't be duplicated. Onion pakoras fried in mustard oil...mmm!
Greenstuff June 2, 2012
Pretty interesting story
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