How can I substitute flour for ground almonds in a cake recipe?

I'm using Laura Vitale's recipe for a jelly roll and she uses ground almonds in her recipe, which I don't have and that is the only recipe I can use cause someone challenged me to a Laura Vitale recipe cook-off! How can I substitute flour...or can I just leave it out? It has 1/2 cup so that's a lot...I'm afraid flour will make the texture too dense or taste strange! So can anyone tell me what to do?

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  • July 11, 2013


ChefJune July 12, 2013
I can't imagine you're competing in a cookoff and you're looking to sub out the main ingredient in the recipe! How can you expect to be successful under such conditions? As has been said in other comments, almond flour is pretty readily available. Almond "flour" is not technically a flour at all, it's finely ground almonds.
dymnyno July 12, 2013
Most grocery stores carry almond flour , like Bob's Red Mill. The flavor and texture won't be the same if you don't use the ingredients specified by the recipe. What kind of a contest is it if you are not following directions!
ellenl July 12, 2013
Trader Joe's sells almond flour.
the C. July 12, 2013
I like substituting flour with almond. Self raising or cake flour won't make cake dense but almond really gives wonderful flavour to cakes, I got a torte recipe in my cookbook using only almond flour .
Stephanie July 12, 2013
You could try using almond flour while it's not cheap it is good and gluten free. Specialty stores carry it I'm not sure if Whole Foods does but you can ask them. Hope this helps.
Gabriella July 12, 2013
I think it might be tricky, I wouldn't omit completely, i'd personally use another nut if you can since that will keep the texture closest to the same. I think flour may actually work though too, but it depends on the recipe, it could dry out the cake a but. I also found this, I'm not sure if it's helpful but people posted here about it.
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