I am trying to go low-carb - what else could I use besides potatoes? Would sweet potatoes or squash work? Thanks!



EmilyC July 15, 2013
Hi Johanna -- I agree with Emily's and petitbleu's suggestions. When I developed the recipe, I added the new potatoes for more heft, but the dish would be fine without them. Another option would be to leave the potatoes out and serve the dish over pureed cauliflower or squash. Hope you enjoy it!
petitbleu July 15, 2013
Definitely agree with Emily--cauliflower is a great sub for potatoes. But for this dish you could use sweet potatoes or winter squash if you wanted something denser and more flavorful.
fiveandspice July 15, 2013
Either of those would work if you cut them to the appropriate size. (Winter) squash would be the lower carb option. Peel and cut into large chunks. You could also use chunks of cauliflower. Cauliflower is frequently used as a low-carb replacement for potatoes.
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