What to eat after mouth surgery

Wisdom teeth

  • Posted by: Dona
  • July 15, 2013


Dona July 16, 2013
Sounds really good but she's 15 so can't do that,
Lots of great suggestions!
Niknud July 16, 2013
Mudslides! Or milkshakes if she is too young for the alcohol. Mudslides would be better though.... :)
Diana B. July 16, 2013
There are some lovely smoothie recipes here at Food52, also.
jsdunbar July 16, 2013
Popsicles! Also, I couldn't even bear cream of celery soup from a can - too spicy if you can believe that. The tenderness was extreme at first but Popsicles were perfect, like tasty ice packs. Soon all of the above suggestions, ie anything that that doesn't need to be chewed is lovely.
jennyfenny July 15, 2013
Be sure to ask for a syringe to help keep things clean and food doesn't stay stuck. I was able to eat ice cream a few hours later. I lived on ice cream and pudding at first. I am a fan of a protein powder called Energy by Nature's Plus. Lots of nutrients, very filling and low glycemic. It is great in a milkshake. I was not able to eat much for days. Good luck to her.
Gabriella July 15, 2013
I also loved having things that were not cream or milk based but still cold, like crushed ice with a bit of juice on it felt great also frozen fruit and berry smoothies blended with greek yogurt or protein powder are good and make you feel full. things like apple sauce, fruit like melon or peaches cut up really small, gnocchi in sauce, a baked potato(or sweet potato) or really anything else that is soft or smooth and can be made into small bites. Hope she makes a quick recovery(:
Dona July 15, 2013
Oh I forgot about the straw thing. Good to know. Thanks for the ideas, this will keep me busy a couple getting ready for Fridays surgery. Thx!
Sam1148 July 15, 2013
Lortabs. (I kid).
Soups as mentioned. Hummus, boiled rice, soft noodles, Ensure type drinks, Ice Cream, pudding, and don't forget Baby Food.
ATL July 15, 2013
If the noodles--darn typos!
ATL July 15, 2013
I'd add pudding. I've had lots of complicated oral surgery and chicken noodle soup is fine of the oodles are fine and tender with no chicken or veg added. When first recovering, make sure soups aren't too hot as that can start the wounds to bleed. Sorry to be so graphic, but its a concern. Chicken rice soup is also doable.
Dona July 15, 2013
Good ideas, thanks. Didn't think of custard.
HalfPint July 15, 2013
I would go for pureed soups and broths. So suggestions for soups:
-cream of [any vegetable, chicken, mushroom] soup
-cheddar cheese soup
-potato & leek, pureed to smoothness
-french onion
-any chowder, pureed

Non-soup foods for post-wisdom surgery:
-mashed potatoes
-scrambled eggs
-creamy soft polenta
-ice cream/froyo/sorbet
-savory steamed egg custard (chawanmushi or the simpler Korean version, http://www.koreanamericanmommy.com/2011/01/korean-steamed-egg-custard.html)

Dona July 15, 2013
Sorry, I was trying to search the hotline for past suggestions and it postd as a question. My granddaughter is having her wisdom teeth out Friday. Any soup suggestions? Would chicken noodle soup be hard to eat?
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