Wow, I think it is time for a food pickle cocktail hour, or at least a stiff beverage, who is in?



isabelita November 29, 2010
Did you catch Mark Bittman's adult slushie in the Times? Gin, lemon sorbet and Prosecco. Oh boy!
beyondcelery November 26, 2010
Hot buttered rum with coconut milk ice cream... mmmmm
Amanda H. November 26, 2010
Mrslarkin -- LOL.
innoabrd November 26, 2010
By the time I chased off the last guests all I could think about was bed...
mrslarkin November 26, 2010
I've been drinking rum since Wednesday. Does that count?
aargersi November 26, 2010
Am I too late? Hot tea now ... wine later. Turkey reuben with cranberry sauce for BREAKFAST! yum!
Stock simmering! Hope everyone had great and successful TDays!!
thirschfeld November 26, 2010
Merrill I think i have a lemon ginger tea, which sounds good to me, or maybe some sparkly water with grapefruit bitters.
AntoniaJames November 26, 2010
B&B (that's bourbon and branch, not the liqueur) for me. The best you've got, please. ;o)
Amanda H. November 25, 2010
Armagnac. Thimbleful. That's all I have room for.
Merrill S. November 25, 2010
I'm a lightweight. Pathetic if I have a glass of wine?
cheese1227 November 25, 2010
Cognac, please.
thirschfeld November 25, 2010
Cognac or armagnac?
Amanda H. November 25, 2010
I'm in!
Merrill S. November 25, 2010
Great idea!
cheese1227 November 25, 2010
How about a digestif hour??
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