Respectable uses for cashew cheese

So against my better judgement I bought some herbed cashew cheese. I was suckered by the beautiful label and description of "french cream style." As part of the VB6 diet I was looking for some good snacks and thought it might go well with the porcini, pecan pâté or an edamame spread. But in all honesty I am still a meat and cheese lover and this will never replace cheese for me. That said, I don't want to just throw it out. It is super lemony/acidic tasting and heavy on dill. What can I do with it?



JanetFL July 20, 2013
Wish I could be helpful but it sounds pretty sad to me....Maybe a learning experiment in that I won't ever do this again. Please let us know what you do to salvage this - you are so creative that I'm guessing you'll do something interesting and delicious.
Sam1148 July 19, 2013

Maybe stuffing chicken boneless chicken breasts. (put a slit in them and 'butterfly' them)..and put on the cheese and some green onions..and fold them back and bake.
fernetaboutit July 19, 2013
I'm not familiar with the texture if cashew cheese but my most frequent use of lemon is in salad dressings. Could you whisk some olive oil and honey into it and use it to dress a hearty grain or chickpea salad? Or blend it up with some chickpeas or edamame or white beans for a dip for vegetables?
andrea L. July 18, 2013
savorthis July 18, 2013
I like the breading/frying idea because I think I could do a sweet/spicy sauce for dipping that would cut through that acid. I think salmon sounds good too- with cucumber- as long as it is spread very thin or even cut with some other creamy thing. I am not really a vegan so that doesn't bother me- I just don't want to be a waster!

And Gabriella, I agree, I don't really think of it as cheese either. I just was fooled by the description and hopeful. It is just so so so lemony that I don't even like it as little blobs tucked among things. But I think the rye crispbread/cucumber/radish idea would work well if it was just a thin spread.
Gabriella P. July 18, 2013
Hi SavorThis,
I love to make my own cashew "cheese" at home, and have found that some rounds end up more acidic than others when I accidentally stick too much lemon in there. (I've overdone it on the garlic too -- not bad.) I've stopped thinking of my cashew spreads as cheese replacements and more as tapenades. I really like mine spread on rye crispbread topped with sliced cucumbers and radishes, as a filler for endives, or in a light sandwich (try sprouted bread + cashew spread + sliced avocados + tomatoes + sprouts + lettuce) to add a little heft. And how about a spoonful on a salad, or tabouli?
HalfPint July 18, 2013
The dill and lemon flavor makes me think that the cashew cheese would be good on a bagel topped with some lox. Or maybe make a pizza with smoked salmon and the 'cheese'. Neither are vegan, sorry.
Droplet July 18, 2013
I sometimes joke that I won't be able to survive as a vegan because I don't like cashews. The world's cashew trade depends on vegans these days it seems-- what don't they make out of cashews :). But joke aside, perhaps you could cube or slice and do a light marinade on the sweet side, then dust with some flour or crumbs and shallow fry briefly in a pan...
savorthis July 18, 2013
I should note that I do like cashew cream and use it in vegan and non vegan dishes. This cheese was just so heavy on the acid and so lacking in anything cheeselike. (Duh, my dairy eating friends are saying)
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