Goat cheese rolled grapes

I'm making grapes rolled in goat cheese and chopped pecans. Do you think this will work with plain goat cheese, should I think with a small amount of cream, or do I need to go to the store to get some cream cheese to beat with it? The day is getting away and I need everything done soonish.



bigpan January 19, 2013
I did these about 30 years ago from a gourmet magazine or bon appetite magazine.
Best to grind the nuts to a coarse powder rather than chopped chunks.
Consider also doing some with pistachio for a different color on your serving tray.
Put in the fridge after making and bring out about ten or fifteen minutes before serving.
They go good with chunks of medium rare steak pieces, with on the same toothpick or separate.
Monita January 19, 2013
If the goat cheese is softened at room temperature it should be pliable enough and you shouldn't need to add anything to it.
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