HELP! My cream cheese/dill spread liquified when I blended it in the food processor and now it's too runny to use for my smoked salmon finger sandwich

Making smoked salmon finger sandwiches with a cream cheese/dill spread. Only used labne (a yogurt cheese that has the same consistency as cream cheese, since I can't find cream cheese here in Istanbul) and dried dill. NO LIQUID, but when I blended it in the food processor it became liquid. I've put it in the fridge to set up, but it's been 2 hours and it's still soupy. Too soupy to put on bread for finger sandwiches, and I have a party to take them to in a few hours! What can I do, and why did it become liquid?

  • Posted by: Ava
  • May 18, 2018


creamtea May 18, 2018
I would use some softened butter instead. You can cream it with a spatula or wooden spoon, add in a few drops of fresh lemon juice and dill if you have it. I think I might ditch the labne altogether. I'd focus on softened butter which goes very well with smoked salmon. Alternatively spread butter on the bread and add mustard seasoned with sugar and dill, Scandinavian style.
Emmie May 18, 2018
If it's still not setting up, grab some more labneh and fold the dill in by hand--it may be that blending it did something weird.
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