Going to DC in Aug. What's new and good in restaurants?



Hilarybee July 23, 2013
I love Two Amy's near American University. Best wood fired pizza I've had outside of Naples. I like a quick road snack at Julia's Empanadas. Not a nice place, but great empanadas to go. I used to stop there, get an empanada and rush to the metro. I love Jose Andres Jaleo and Zaytinya . Pitango Gelato, definitely.
marialissio July 23, 2013
I'm in love with Robert Wiedmaier's restaurants, Marcels, Beck etc. Great food, great atmosphere and a fantastic wine cellar at Marcel's with wine to die for. We are spoiled for wonderful eateries in the DC/VA and MD areas. I agree that Tom Sietsema's reviews in The Washington Post are excellent guides to what is happening in the food scene here.
Kate July 22, 2013
Check out Tom Sietsema's reviews and online chats - he has been the food critic for the Washington Post as long as I can remember: http://www.washingtonpost.com/tom-sietsema/2011/03/09/ABLOHIQ_page.html
healthierkitchen July 22, 2013
the night we were there in June, there was a farmers market and music, beer tasting, etc. out behind Artifact. I think it's every Friday night in the summer.
Monita July 22, 2013
healthierkitchen - Love both Woodberry Kitchen and Pitango Gelato which we plan on re-visiting. But will definitely check out Artifact Coffee - thanks!
healthierkitchen July 22, 2013
Monita - you probably already know about Woodberry Kitchen in Baltimore, but their new little place down the street looked really fun when I was there last month - it's called Artifact Coffee and it's open for dinner some nights. And, in both Baltimore (Fells Point) and in downtown DC there's Pitango Gelato which is one of my favorites for gelato from really fresh organic ingredients. And great affogato!
Summer O. July 22, 2013
I had a really great meal at Zaytinya recently.
Monita July 22, 2013
Thanks Emily and everyone else who has given me so much to choose from!
em-i-lis July 22, 2013
You've got great recs, Monita. Per Bevi's and Wendy's mention, here are my reviews of Ghibellina and Range, as well as an interview I did with the former chef of Ripple. He left a few months back but was instrumental in choosing his successor, and I've heard good things so far! Have a fantastic trip!
vvvanessa July 23, 2013
I'm so glad to hear Ghibellina was good. A former co-worker is the executive chef there, and I trust his palate. I can't wait to get back to D.C. so I can try it.
cookbookchick July 22, 2013
The Red Hen at 1822 1st St., NW Is new and good. See a review in the July 17 Washington Post.
GIOVANNI50 July 22, 2013
Al Dente right on Nebraska Avenue, makes the best ITalian... True ITalian. Chef Roberto Donna of Galileo laboratorio fame is at it again with great technique and very tasty menu choices. The best agnolotti I've ever had and the gnocchi are as soft as pillows. The pasta is always al dente- a very hard thing to find anywhere.
Monita July 22, 2013
Maedl - thanks for your suggestions
Maedl July 22, 2013
If you have your heart ser on Range but can't get in, Voltaggio has two restaurants in Frederick, MD. The town is worth a trip if you have a car, so you could make an afternoon and evening of it. The restaurants are Volt and Family Meal.

Little Serow is definitely worth while, but they don't take reservations. You have to arrive around 4:30 and stand in line. If the weather is decent and you have good company or a good book, that is do-able!

Ris in the West End, not too far from Washington Circle, has been around for years and has always been consistently excellent--I've had some fantastic meals there. The chef, Ris Lacoste, was the chef at 1789 in Georgetown before she opened her own restaurant.

Nora's is also worth a meal. Nora's was one of the local food pioneers and has maintained standards over the years. It is near Dupont Circle.

In Cleveland Park, near the Zoo, you'l find Ripple and Dino's. Both focus on local products. Dino's focus is on Italian--but not the usual suspects. Ripple focuses on American--and I highly recommend it.

Jose Andres' restaurants, mentioned in an earlier post, are all good choices--I am especially fond of Zaytinya.
healthierkitchen July 21, 2013
Another idea is Ethiopian food which is pretty well represented in DC - Depending on your preferred location, Ethiopic or Etete seem to be the most popular, though there are many in the suburbs that are great, particularly in Silver Spring.
Devangi R. July 21, 2013
If you like Thai food then We really loved Mai Thai on 19th street. They have very good thai food, I second about Zaytinya and Rasika. And, if you like crepes then I would recommend Crepe Amour in Georgetown and Comet Ping Pong.
Monita July 21, 2013
healthierkitchen: thanks so much for all your ideas
healthierkitchen July 21, 2013
and Mintwood Place!
healthierkitchen July 21, 2013
Also, tiny Room 11 (11th street?) and Cork Wine bar.
healthierkitchen July 21, 2013
Le Chat Noir is nice enough, but I don't think I'd put it on a list of must dos on a trip to DC. It's not right downtown nor is Range. I would probably focus on the H Street corridor, 14th st., and near the Verizon Center. Depending on what you're looking for in style, cuisine, price point, etc., Rasika and Rasika West End are fabulous. Book ahead! Terrific restaurants, not just terrific Indian. Emily G liked Ghibellina, though I haven't been yet, I'm planning to go in a couple of weeks. Estadio also comes to mind. Daikaya and Izakaya, Toki Underground also. Any of Jose Andres' restaurants:Oyamel, Jaleo and Zaytinya -not new, but always good. Komi and Little Serow (haven't eaten here as I don't do well with really spicy, but Rivka blogged about it). Le Diplomate getting great reviews and always packed, but others say it's Disney-ish version of France. Fiola, Graffiato. Kapnos opening shortly. Birch and Barley. Union Market is a great new destination for a browse of shops/stalls. Cowgirl Creamery Shop. You were very helpful to me for NY - feel free to message me for more ideas, or narrowing. Where you'll be staying is also important.

DC restaurant week will be in August, but dates weren't announced when I last checked. Google it and see in a few days, maybe the dates will coincide with your trip!
Monita July 21, 2013
Thanks Bevi for those suggestions. Will check it out
Bevi July 21, 2013
I have heard that Range is great for lunch - apparently impossible to get into for dinner. If you check em-i-lis blog, she wrote a review of her lunch experience there. A friend of mine went there as well, and really enjoyed herself. Le Chat Noir is a nice little French bistro that I have eaten at several times.
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