New Orleans restaurant for a large exuberant group?

I am going to New Orleans for Jazzfest in April and am in search of a fairly casual restaurant with a good scene and great food for a fun group of 12. Any suggestions?

Tony S
  • Posted by: Tony S
  • October 11, 2013


aargersi October 13, 2013
Deanie's Seafood if you are in the Quarter - great food, cold beer, clean bathrooms!
New Orleans is used to exhuberant so I wouldn't worry toooo much about that

Cochon is amazing
Skip Acme Oyster bar - go across the street to Felix's instead for raw and chargrilled oysters - or Draco for even better char grills, if you can get in

The food at the festival is AMAZING though, honestly when we go we do all of our eating there. Do NOT miss the crawfish sacks, Crawfish Monica, oyster patties, macque choux, oh well I guess try it all is the better rule ...

Pegeen October 13, 2013
Mandina's (less expensive than Commander's Palace)
Bippy October 12, 2013
Take'em to Commanders Palace.. It's AWESOME! They'll be astounded. Promise.
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