Chicken tragedy...or not

So here's the story on Saturday am bought beautiful free range plump chicken butterflied it rubbed w lemon zest rosemary garlic & salt in preparation for pollo ala mattone let sit in the fridge for the day...
Then received last minute invite to go swimming which segued into a very late lunch, of grilled chicken came home too late.,..Sunday we had tix to see Pippin (fab btw) so in the am decided that since again we'd be home late I'd create Pippin Chicken in the crock pot (lots garlic, onions, cherry tomatoes olive oil & some gin & vermouth because that's what I had on hand ) so browned it and in it went...
Came home to find that the crock pot conked out before fully cooking (we were gone for like 9 hours) ...Serv safe training tells me I have to toss it. but it breaks my heart (and wallet those free range organic chickens ain't cheap).... Do I have to? Or can I cook the bacteria away? It's in fridge now.

  • Posted by: Aliwaks
  • July 29, 2013


bigpan July 29, 2013
As much as it hurts the pocket book, a small monetary loss is better than a few hours in the bathroom !
ChefJune July 29, 2013
I'm so sorry to agree that you have to toss it. You sure don't want to risk anyone getting sick or worse. But that "Pippin Chicken" does sound amazing. I hope you'll try it again.
Aliwaks July 29, 2013
Oh that crockpot was tossed.... Right off the deck! Chicken will go in garbage to night... Di sad it smelled amazing!
Abby A. July 29, 2013
toss the crock pot? why?
jmburns July 29, 2013
She said it zonked out. Hardly worth an effort to repair.
drbabs July 29, 2013
Oh, Aliwaks, that so sucks. I've had food poisoning from a stew i cooked in a crock pot a long time ago. I would toss the chicken. (And the crock pot)
Meaghan F. July 29, 2013
Definitely toss the meat, but you should be able to use the carcass for stock, right?
drbabs July 29, 2013
No, there could still be toxins from the bacteria in the carcass.
JAC July 29, 2013
I'm food safe certified & I would toss it. Sad as it may seem, it is just not worth the risk. Food left at improper temps for prolonged periods of time really can be dangerous.
I've also had food poisoning from seafood. While I only suffered for a couple of days, it can be deadly.
aargersi July 29, 2013
I think you have to toss it which makes me sad for you, but the chance of a cleansing experience remains after cooking - here a microbiologist explains:
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