What exactly is "medium-high" temp on a broiler? My oven only has "broil." The temp can't be adjusted.

  • Posted by: Tony Mc
  • July 29, 2013


pierino July 29, 2013
I agree with Monita. Your normal "broil" temp would be about 500F. For medium high I would set the oven dial to 400F. The reason for using the broiler is to put the char on with flame. Their are other ways to do this as well; an outdoor grill or even a blow torch.

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Monita July 29, 2013
My oven also only has "broil." Med high would mean to me - your oven rack should be on the next to highest level nearest the broiler flame (about 7-8" away)
Tony M. July 29, 2013
Great. Thanks, Monita.
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