@nprscottsimon oven temp too high? Try submitting to foodpickle and see what others think.



drbabs February 13, 2011
I make meringues all the time. My friends call them white cookies. You put the meringues in a preheated 350 oven and turn the oven off. The residual heat dries the meringues without browning them.
mrslarkin February 13, 2011
I'm gonna guess too high oven temp also. Here's Heena's winning meringue stack and it bakes at a low temp and then oven is turned off, like puresugar says.

puresugar February 13, 2011
Lower temp might help--what temp are you using, and do you have an oven thermometer? One recipe I have read (but not tried) has the oven preheated to 350°F, then shut off, with the meringues inside the closed oven for 2+ hours, for crisp meringues.
Here's a link to recipe:
Savorykitchen February 13, 2011
Scott Simon tweeted this: Valentine meringues go into oven a vibrant pink, come out ugh brown. Any idea why before we make another batch? Thought I'd help out by tweeting it to y'all.
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