Crust extremely soggy? Wish to make again but need to know how to avoid sogginess.

  • Posted by: Strudel
  • July 29, 2013


sfmiller July 30, 2013
In addition to par-baking the crust longer, you could also try warming the filling to about 120° or 130°F before putting it in the prebaked crust. (Do this carefully, to avoid curdling the egg.) That reduces the amount of time the wet filling spends in contact with the crust before it sets. This trick also works for pumpkin and other custard-type pies.
Monita July 29, 2013
2 things may have happened. 1) the crust wasn't pre-baked long enough so it may have still be doughy inside; or 2) there was a hole somewhere in the crust and the filling leaked in causing the crust to get soggy.
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