Is there a big difference in the texture of a microwaved sweet potato and a oven baked sweet potato?


sheredel February 23, 2011
I always opt for oven baked, skin never right somehow unless in that hot oven for a length of time. whether wonderful idaho, or sweet potato take the time for the oven oven. and I prefer the white fleshed sweet potato to the orange.
PattiinMS February 23, 2011
If I am rushed, i do both. Zap it for a few minutes to get it started and then bake it to finish it off. Tastes great and better than if you just zap it.
Eliana60 February 23, 2011
I will speak on behalf of the zapped sweet potato. Mushy, but I like it. The difference to me is really the texture of the potato skin. Nothing beats the crispy skin of a baked potato. The skin of a zapped potato is garbage. But the flesh is fine either way.
Nora February 22, 2011
I agree. An oven-baked sweet potato is so good, I've never even tried to zap one.
Abra B. February 22, 2011
The rap against microwaving any sort of potato is that the micro explodes the starch molecules, changing the texture. A sweet potato baked in the oven will become caramelized and delectable, whereas the microwave cannot caramelize. I'd go with the oven if at all possible.
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