Catering own wedding

We are having an Israeli Cous Cous salad at the wedding and am wondering how far in advance can I make the cous cous (we will dress the salad that morning). Also, we are roasting about 30 pounds of potatoes (140 people is our count). Should roast the day before and reheat or should we wait until that morning?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Madame Sel


Declan July 30, 2013
Cous Cous no more than 24 hours. As for the potatoes, par boil and cool them the day before. Marinade them overnight and roast them the next day. This will give a nice roast potato, with a nice moist center and cut your oven time by about two thirds.
Kathryn L. July 30, 2013
Having catered my own wedding plus many others I know all too well that the more you can do in advance the more fun you get to have at your wedding. That said, I would definitely do the couscous the day before but reserve potato roasting for day of and close to your timing. How about having a friend gift you with taking over that task?
aargersi July 30, 2013
You are very brave doing it yourself! Will the potatoes be served hot? If so, I would roast them as close to service as possible so they remain crispy - I find leftover roasties can get a bit rubbery. As for the couscous, day before should be fine especially with your plan to dress them that morning.

I hope you have a lot of help and a wonderful wedding!!!
savorthis July 30, 2013
I would not do the couscous longer than 2 days before. It is so quick to cook anyway- and I would spread it out on baking trays or something to cool faster before putting it in the fridge. As for potatoes, I have reheated successfully but it depends on their texture and how you are serving them. They can dry out if you are not careful. If they are being dressed it might not be an issue, but if you are hoping for crispy outside, tender inside potatoes I would probably do them that day.

That is a lot of work! I hope you have some good helpers~
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