I have lots of potatoes from my CSA. I need a recipe that uses the potatoes and can be frozen.



Maedl August 2, 2013
Potatoes store well in a cool, dark room. They also taste better if you don't freeze them which makes them watery and mealy.
Declan August 2, 2013
Blanch then and freeze them ... Give them a new lease on life! Potatoes are beautiful
andrea L. August 2, 2013
Potatoes Anna!

You can bake them in ramekins or muffin tins..or make a large one. Mini would be easier to freeze.
Monita August 1, 2013
You can try making a soup from the blue and reds. Since fingerlings tend to be eaten cooked and slice, these will be harder to freeze. Some people freeze french fried potatoes. You could try making fries from the fingerlings. Let them cool completely and freeze on a tray
Kari2011 August 1, 2013
They are red, blue, and fingerling potatoes.
Monita August 1, 2013
If they are russets, you can make potato latkes. They freeze well
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