I would like to make a gluten free gazpacho -- what should I substitute for the bread

In a traditional recipe the bread thickens the soup and softens the flavors Should I buy a gluten free loaf of bread and if so what kind? Or is there some other effective option?



dymnyno August 8, 2013
To make my gazpacho as calorie free as possible I never use bread. I use my concentrated homemade tomato sauce as a base and then add onions, cucumbers,tomatoes, peppers, garlic, parsley and spices and then add lemon juice or tarragon vinegar and olive oil. I just make a soup that has the same ingredients as salad.
ellenl August 5, 2013
See nyt Martha rose Shulman recipes for health this week.
Stevie W. August 5, 2013
Here's a recipe for a Thai Gazpacho. Heirloom tomatoes are in season now so no excuses for not trying this award winning Asian twist on an Andalucian classic.
lizzyinthekitchen August 4, 2013
I don't think you absolutely need bread in a gazpacho. I've never seen a recipe with it. The pioneer woman has what looks like a really good recipe.
petitbleu August 4, 2013
Just find a gazpacho recipe without bread in it. There's no need to add bread. Gazpacho is essentially just tomatoes, tomato juice, and chopped vegetables. There are some cold, tomato-based soups that call for bread, but regular old gazpacho doesn't need it.
ellenl August 3, 2013
Or any thickener. It's thick enough with everything else in it.
ellenl August 3, 2013
I never use bread.
drbabs August 3, 2013
This week's NY Times has an article on making gazpacho without bread:
PazzoNico August 3, 2013
You can also thicken it with blanched almonds or walnuts. Or pepitas.

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ChefJune August 2, 2013
Gazpacho isn't meant to be thick. At least not my recipe. I don't have any gazpacho recipe that calls for bread or thickener.
Super F. August 2, 2013
I like to thicken things with arrowroot powder. Just put 1-2 tablespoons of arrowroot into a cup with equal parts water. Mix to create a slurry then add to your soup!
alygator August 2, 2013
What about a potatoe?
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I don't use any bread in my gazpacho, and it is thick and creamy on its own. This recipe has French lentils in it, but you can also leave those out and it will be just as delicious:
-Mara Norris, Cooking Coach of Greensboro
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