Can I use flavor extracts for a rainbow cake?

Ok, so my 5 year old daughter wants a rainbow birthday cake with each layer a different flavor, and because I hate to say no to a baking challenge, I'm going to try it. I *could* source six different recipes for the desired "rainbow" of flavors (rasberry, peach, lemonade, green grape, blueberry and plum), but I don't think I have time to execute, so I was thinking of buying six flavor essences. Does anyone have experience with using these for cakes? It's for kids, so it can be kind of gross, but of course I'd rather it weren't!
I was thinking of this company:; which i found on the interwebs.

Valerie Stivers


Summer O. August 5, 2013
I made a rainbow cake for our daughter's birthday this year. I used the gels. It turned out really intense. The kids had a discussion about which color tasted the best, it was a tie between green and purple. I would think if you had a bunch of flavors they would get lost among each other. I did a vanilla cake with chocolate icing at the request of the birthday girl. Be warned though the gels will turn your tongue and teeth an unpleasant color.
ATG117 August 4, 2013
ATG117 August 4, 2013
Agreed. I would go with food coloring gels. Martha Stewart has a recipe like this, which I once saw floating around.
Monita August 4, 2013
I don't think flavor extracts will give you the colors you want. You'll probably have to use food coloring - gels may be the best. See this recipe ( for a rainbow cake that use color gels
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