Baking a rainbow cake. Want to leave the outside unfrosted so that the colors can be seen. How can I bake so layers don't brown on edges?

I want to only frost inbetween each layer, leaving the rainbow edges visible. But right now, they are turning out brownish-red, orange, etc. Less time in the oven? Lower temp? Butter instead of pam for no sticking?



boulangere July 16, 2012
You can also fold a long strip of aluminum foil so that it's the same height as your pan, wrap it around the outside, and secure it with masking tape. The bake time may be a bit longer as a result, but the browning of the sides should be reduced.
Raquelita July 16, 2012
I find that parchment lining, when pulled off, leaves more of the cake "inside" versus a crust. so you might try lining the SIDES of your cake pan with a strip of parchment paper. I'd think that butter would cause more browning on the cake sides
Sam1148 July 15, 2012
Sadassa_Ulna suggestion is the best answer.

If you want to up the ante; Cut out a the center of the cake..maybe pressing a tall thin 'energy drink' type can tin sniped off with shears down to remove a 'core' from the center. Trim the edges as mentioned above beforehand and cut the 'doughnut' of the cake in half.
Results---"two rainbow" cakes.
chef O. July 15, 2012
You can try to slightly under bake them

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Sadassa_Ulna July 15, 2012
The only solution I can think of is to trim the browned edges off with a bread knife, good luck!
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