what can i have with my yogurt to add some protein

I have vanilla nonfat yogurt almost everyday how can I stay fuller longer with my yogurt still in play



susan G. August 10, 2013
If you switch from nonfat to low-fat, you may find that the modest amount of fat makes it much more satisfying. If calories are your concern, realize that many of these excellent suggestions (especially nuts) will add more calories than a little bit of milk fat would.
dawn S. August 10, 2013
I like non-fat greek plain yoghurt with smoked salmon and some cucumbers for breakfast...no sugar and lots of healthy protein
Liz August 9, 2013
Banana and sesame seeds. Even good if banana is a little ripe. Yum.
Rachel S. August 9, 2013
I often mix cottage cheese into my yogurt for a bigger protein punch; I love Nancy's organic cottage cheese (it's super tangy and delicious), but I'm sure any brand you like would work well. The cottage cheese adds protein in a way that extends the yogurt without significantly changing its flavor (this might be important if you're a yogurt purist). I'll also usually add a big spoonful of apricot jam, a handful of berries, and some chopped walnuts, too. This keeps me pretty full whether I eat it for breakfast or as a snack between lunch and dinner.
Stephanie G. August 8, 2013
I would swap the nonfat vanilla for plain Greek yogurt...that will double your protein. If you want it sweet, add some sugar & vanilla extract or ripe fruit.
dymnyno August 8, 2013
My husband has granola with yogurt for breakfast every morning.
HalfPint August 8, 2013
You can also make your yogurt more substantial by adding fiber. Muesli or granola can add that soluble fiber. Drink plenty of liquids so that fiber swells and keeps you full longer.
Maedl August 8, 2013
Nuts! Seeds, too, such as flax, pumpkin and sunflower. If you eat grains, add flaked wheat, rye or oats--their protein will complement the milk’s and provide a complete protein. While you’re at it, add fresh fruit and a bit of honey if you like, and you’ve got a good breakfast that will carry you through the morning. For other times of the day, make a soup or stew with chickpeas or lentils and top with yogurt.
HalfPint August 8, 2013
I would add some protein powder. You can buy those at any health store, Whole Foods, or Trader Joe's.
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