I was the lucky recipient of some Fuyus from a friend's overbearing tree :) My question: Is there a touch test for Fuyu persimmons [like avocados you know] to know when they are ripe? How can you tell? I know that for the pointy kind you basically wait for them to turn translucent and soft.



Pat E. November 26, 2010
They should be firm but not rock hard. If you have a lot they make great chutney. Just use any mango or peach recipe...they will act the same way.
AntoniaJames November 26, 2010
You want them to be bright orange, or at least there should be nothing that looks related to green in color. Also, if they give just a bit to hard pressure by your thumb, they'll taste better than if they are rock hard. They're much sweeter if they're a bit soft, but they are actually too sweet for my taste if they are truly soft. ;o)
gigiaxline November 26, 2010
Okay, thanks!
LukePF November 26, 2010
There isn't really a test for Fuyus, so far as I know, as they can be eaten when still firmish (unlike the astringent Hachyias, which are grossness incarnate till they've been bletted thoroughly). So, best way to see if they're ready (for you), is to taste one!
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