Has anyone tried Bulletproof Coffee? Any particular recommendations on a recipe?

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ChefOno August 15, 2013

Yet another whackadoo diet fad designed to separate you from your money. Most of these crazes are totally without scientific basis or, at best, based upon a kernel of truth taken out of context and extrapolated until it becomes magical, feeding the fantasy of losing weight without a reduction of calories while providing true believers with mystical health benefits. Asprey's story has all the exotic elements of a good movie plot -- the "discovery" of a Tibetan "secret" to energy and strength, synergistically combined with "upgraded" coffee that will make you "feel noticeably better than any other coffee" seeing as it is "absent significant levels of mycotoxins" found in the Starbucks you've been drinking.

There is some truth to be found in these claims. First, it's not difficult to brew a better cup than Starbucks, but not because their beans are "dramatically full of harmful molds or bacteria" or other such nonsense. Simply buy fresh beans from a roaster who knows what he's doing (or better yet, learn to do it yourself). But the real nitty-gritty is the inclusion of fat in one's diet, a practice that has fallen out of favor since the 70's when we were warned "saturated fat clogs our arteries". That seemingly logical but nonetheless false dietary belief was the result of a poorly-done study elevated to "fact" despite numerous failures to confirm a causal connection [Reference: American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, March, 2010].

Consuming a little fat at breakfast, be that from bacon, cream, or organic unsalted grass-fed yak butter will, calorie for calorie, keep hunger at bay longer than a low-fat meal. It's not magic, it won't "burn fat", but it could help lower your total daily caloric intake by satisfying the body's natural and perpetual craving for saturated fat.

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