Eating/Meeting, Seattle to Vancouver

Next week, I'm tagging along on the Frenchman's business trip to Seattle. I have an impressive list of restaurants going, but since I'll be alone during the day from Tuesday-Friday, I was wondering if any Food52ers out there would be interested in meeting for lunch?

Otherwise, we are heading to Vancouver for the weekend. So far, I've been told about: Kirin OR Sun Sui Wah OR The Jade Seafood Restaurant for dim sum (do people have a preference?); Yew Seafood and Bar OR Blue Water Cafe + Raw Bar for seafood (again, preference? Are these restos more expensive than they're worth?); and La Quercia. I would be happy for any advice!


Cristina Sciarra


cookinginvictoria August 30, 2013
Great blog post about Seattle/Vancouver, cristina! Living in Victoria, we end up visiting both cities occasionally, so it's great to have all of your recommendations. Sounds like you and your partner had a fabulous trip and got to eat very well!
Cristina S. August 31, 2013
Indeed we did! I've heard Victoria is absolutely gorgeous; now that's the next place we'd like to go!
Cristina S. August 29, 2013
I just wanted to thank you all for your help! Here is the final result:
davidpdx August 18, 2013
Recently got back from Vancouver. Hawksworth on W Georgia was really excellent, though a bit more "high end" than we expected. Cin Cin on Robson is reliable. Tried a small, somewhat trendy tapas place on Denman called Espana; delicious. All have websites with menus. Don't forget the trip up from Seattle: take a slight detour to drive the picturesque 21 mile Chuckanut Drive Scenic Byway and stop along the way at The Oyster Bar for some really fresh seafood.
drbabs August 18, 2013
Christina, we went there last summer and I posted a similar question. Here it is:
Cristina S. August 18, 2013
Thanks, Barbara! I actually read that post with great interest when I first posted my question, and got lots of ideas from it. Thanks!
bigpan August 17, 2013
If you want Italian downtown check out Cibo Trattoria - superb menu selection without the prices of La Quercia (which is also good).

Meat and Bread for a great lunch sandwich.
SKK August 17, 2013
By the way, I love your recipes!
SKK August 17, 2013
I can speak for Seattle, living here. Would love to meet you for lunch. Tom Douglas and his many restaurants has amazing food, and also happy partners-employees. Wonderful lunch specials in Ballard. Have several recommendations for dinner also. Lark, Sitka and Spruce, Poppy, The Walrus and the Carpenter - so many wonderful restaurants, so little time. My daughter, who is now in law school, was an apprentice pastry chef at Tom Douglas and kept me in the loop about best and upcoming places to enjoy food. Welcome to the northwest!
Cristina S. August 17, 2013
Looking forward to meeting you soon!
bigpan August 16, 2013
For Vancouver , blue water is good, but there are too many to mention. You seem to like seafood so you might treat yourself to north America's be$t $ushi house - tojo's.
Rather than go to the restaurant, go to the bar/lounge with no reservation and order the same menu. Costly but it is a once in a lifetime experience.

Virtually all downtown eateries are 4-5 star, including the major hotels - Four Seasons, Shangri-la, Fairmont, Pan Pacific, et al .

For meat , try Gothams or Hys (the 50's feel).

Chinese: take your pick in Richmond or old downtown Chinatown - I just got back from a month in China and, yes , the food is tastier in Vancouver . Try Chongking for seshuawn.

In Seattle, try the Purple wine bar, or Brooklyn oyster and steak house for happy hour appeez.

Enjoy yor trip .
Cristina S. August 17, 2013
Thanks, bigpan! We definitely want to eat dim sum. What do you think about La Quercia and/or Meat & Bread? Thanks!
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