Freezing lemon bars

I want to make a recipe that is essentially lemon bars (it's from the Smitten Kitchen and just adds in some raspberry puree to make them Pink Lemonade Bars). Any reason I can't freeze the final, baked product? I want to use up my raspberries before they go bad, but there is no way I can eat an entire 8x8 dessert before it, too, goes bad.



Denise,Smith-Weiss July 28, 2013
Why don't use just freeze the berries then use when ready to bake bars fresh? I freeze berries whenever in season. Spread evenly on cookie so sheet lined with parchment paper, the berries freeze separately, not in clumps.
petitbleu July 28, 2013
Freeze away! Maybe even try them frozen--I bet they'd be a great cold dessert for a hot day.
stagneskitchen July 26, 2013
Freezing should be just fine! I would either wrap entire block in a few layers or plastic wrap, or cut individual bars, wrap, then seal again in freezer bag for extra protection. Good for 6 months or so!
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