Craving tuna casserole... Looking for a light, fresh summer version... Tips?



Bevi August 18, 2013
Along the lines of tuna pasta, boulangere's First Night in Florence Spaghetti is a dream. I served it to a friend who had a version of this in Tuscany who promptly declared B's recipe to be far superior! It is light, flavorful, and to paraphrase boulangere, it puts itself together very easily.
ATG117 August 18, 2013
Make more of a tuna pasta salad. For the tuna, leave out the mayo and instead make an italian style tuna salad with olives, very finely diced red onion, tomatoes, capers, parsley, lemon juice, olive oil, salt and pepper. Then mix the tuna with regular or whole wheat pasta cooked to al dente. Add lemon juice, olive oil to coat. Adjust seasoning as necessary.
nutcakes August 18, 2013
I liked this scratch one with egg noodles, gruyere, fresh mushrooms, peas
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