Summer Black Truffles

Has anybody purchased canned or jarred summer black truffles? I want to find some to add to a truffled egg recipe but don't want to spend $500 for some frozen ones flown fresh from France or Italy. Some of the reviews I've read say that the jarred versions are not the true variety of truffle and/or that the preservation process reduces the truffly flavor so much that they don't give you what you're looking for from them. Anybody's experience or suggestions would be appreciated!



TruffleHunter June 25, 2012
Well I think it is worth trying the minced summer truffles in Jars, the quality of these can vary considerably, but if they are cooked in the right way they can have fabulous flavour. We cook ours with our own recipe, and the flavour is excellent, it is used by a number of top chefs. You can buy our trufflehunter products on amazon, currently we ship direct from the uk, but from next month they will stocked by amazon us, i think you would like them.
firsttruffle June 24, 2012
We grow summer truffles here in Tasmania and they are in season from January until April. These are the fully mature summer truffle or burgundy truffle as they are known in Europe. We harvest and ship the same day anywhere in the world. We do not freeze any truffles as the lose all aroma and flavor.
justpicked June 23, 2012
Thanks guys - I think I'm going to wait for the real thing!
Rachel S. June 21, 2012
The black truffles that have the most flavor are burgundy truffles... They look very similar to summer truffles on the outside, but have a darker color inside. I'm wondering if you might be able to find those canned or jarred in place of summer truffles. To my knowledge, I haven't eaten a preserved truffle and have limited experience with fresh, but I think you would likely do well to visit a gourmet store or supplier and see what they might recommend in stock.
Rachel S. June 21, 2012
Sorry, meant to say the black truffles that have the most flavor outside of black WINTER, or Périgord truffles. Burgundy truffles, like summer truffles, are found in summer.
pierino June 21, 2012
Summer truffles aka "tartuffi estivi" have almost no true truffle flavor. Lately I've sampled a few dishes featuring them but amped up with white truffle oil, which is almost always synthetic. I would say wait until October and follow the market price.
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