Any helpful restaurant nods for Calgary, Banff or Jasper?

I'm also stopping in Lake Louise and Canmore. Thanks!



Sadassa_Ulna August 23, 2013
Oops I just saw you are leaving soon. Have a great trip!
bugbitten August 25, 2013
Yes, well, no. I'm not traveling with a group, although I see Abercrombie and Kent does tours up that way.
Sadassa_Ulna August 23, 2013
bugbitten, my mom is going on a tour of all the places you named, in mid-September. Any chance you are in the same group?
bugbitten August 22, 2013
Chef, this has been a problem ever since we stopped handcuffing the help to the oven door. More seriously, thanks for the inside advice. I'm pretty sure now that I'll be well fed in Calgary. Brioche!
darksideofthespoon August 22, 2013
I did, yeah. Lots of brioche and focaccia.
As for my best meal, that's a hard one. At Muse I had a pretty spectacular experience that I can only vaguely remember ;) (Thanks, wine!) From what I remember we had a beef and avocado tar tar that was awesome. I had a trio of pork that had a huge Flintstones type pork chop, pork belly and a short rib. Though the chef is gone now and I dunno how it's changed since I've been there!
bugbitten August 22, 2013
Okay, no piling on! At Charcut did you bake bread, too?
darksideofthespoon August 22, 2013
How could I forget Una or Ox and Angela?
darksideofthespoon August 22, 2013
Charcut for sure. I used to be their pastry chef, I highly recommend.
Sidewalk City Bakery
River Cafe - Just reopened from the flood!
Model Milk Bistro
Raw Bar at Hotel Arts - Also used to work there :) (also Yellow Door at Hotel Arts)
NoTable in Montgomery
Zen 8 for Sushi
bugbitten August 22, 2013
Thank you, chef. Thanks to you and everyone for taking the time to answer my small question. But I'd like to pin you down on this: What was the best plate you were ever served in Calgary? Aha!
Mi B. August 22, 2013
I meant: lonely planet. Sorry if I made any more mistakes. English is not my first language.
bugbitten August 22, 2013
Thanks for the tip Todie4. I looked into your recipes to figure out your FIRST language. I might make those cachapas! O Planet Earth, we stand on guard for thee......
Mi B. August 22, 2013
For a real taste of Calgary, and I mean it literally. Visit the Grizzly Paw brewing company. The use water from the glaciers in their beer. I was there a couple of years back, and my husband and I loved this bar. There is a cute town in Banff full of bars and restaurants. We visited many of them, some were good others mediocre (touristy). I don't remember their names and I wish I could say more, but we used the lonly planet guide and they had great tips about dining and what to do.

PS: don't forget to buy your bear paws for salad and pasta!
kdbrooks August 22, 2013
We always go to Peter's Drive-in in Calgary for the nostalgia is a walk-up or drive-thru only burger place with extremely generous portions and an EXTENSIVE milk shake flavor list :). We also love Cafe Beano for great coffee and atmosphere. In Canmore recently my husband and I went to Crazyweed...I thought it was great! We also enjoyed a delicious breakfast at a Mexican restaurant called Aroma.
bugbitten August 22, 2013
Wow, thanks, kdbrooks. In Canmore I thought we were headed for the The Trough, but Crazyweed looks better. In Calgary I'm finding we can obtain Montreal smoked meat at a place called Gruman's, and as a NYC deli maven that's a must-do. I'm getting real excited about this trip, which starts next Friday, just before Labo(u)r Day. O Canada--world's best anthem.
jsdunbar August 21, 2013
I should add that Calgary is the home of ginger fried beef that you just don't get in other Chinese restaurants. I used to live near The Peking Garden & they will make many of their delicious dishes gluten free by request.
bugbitten August 21, 2013
Thank you jsdunbar. How great is it to be able to look at a restaurant's menu from half a continent away? I think the Italian place in Banff must be Ticino. Let's see...Elk Osso Buco with spatzli...okay!
jsdunbar August 21, 2013
Rouge in Calgary is fabulous fine dining. If you'll be in the city during the school year, The Highwood at SAIT Polytechnic is the very reasonably priced fine dining room where the culinary students are trained by some of the best chefs in the country - lunch Mon-Fri & dinner Mon-Thurs. Notable is casual by an internationally acclaimed chef. Abruso's is excellent Italian. In Banff there's a terrific Italian restaurant on the Main Street (the name escapes me). Lake Louise has a bakery in it's little mall that makes fabulous sandwiches to eat there or to go. Hope that helps. ;-)
Stephanie B. August 21, 2013
I grew up in Calgary, but haven't lived there in many years. Amandadp has great ideas. River Cafe is always a classic and Aviv's breads at Sidewalk Citizen Bakery are amazing (he used to make them all himself and deliver by bike) . I'd add Ox & Angela and Charcut as well. I'd definitely try to fit in Charcut if you can. Jelly Modern has fun doughnuts.

It's been a long time since I've eaten in Banff and Jasper (ditto with Canmore and Lake Louise), but there was a German restaurant in Banff I quite like. My plan of attack when in the mountains is usually to bring picnics to get in as much time enjoying the scenery outdoors as possible.
bugbitten August 21, 2013
Thanks, Stephanie--especially as I see Charcut is just a block from our hotel. In Banff I found a couple of, Austrian restaurants, but they're up the road in Radium Hot Springs, a town that sounds really relaxing except for the radium part.
Amandadp August 20, 2013
You're welcome! Hope you have a great trip.
bugbitten August 20, 2013
Thanks stupendously! That's exactly what I was after. I'm all set for Calgary now.
Amandadp August 20, 2013
One more thing! If you are in need of lunch or baked goods I highly recommend Sidewalk Citizen Bakery in Calgary. Never disappoints!
Amandadp August 20, 2013
Chinese isn't something I eat often at all so I'd recommend you look at the Prairie Provinces thread on Chowhound. I know Chinese cuisine in Calgary has been discussed many times there.
Some places in Calgary that I like:
Delicious Thai Restaurant
Jimmy's A&A Deli - for shawarmas and donairs
River Cafe - for the beautiful setting. Not sure when you're going but they have a beautiful patio.
Vintage Chophouse - had my favourite restaurant steak here though there are a lot of steak places in Calgary.
Sura Korean Restaurant
Moti Mahal or Delhi Darbar - for East Indian
Trong Khan - for Vietnamese
The Ranche - another beautiful setting. They often have game meat on their menu.
Blink - My go to place for a special dinner
Big Fish - great seafood
Not sure if this is of any help. Please ask if you have questions.
bugbitten August 20, 2013
Amandadp, I like to mix it up. Any ethnic or regional cuisine for a change of pace. Is the Chinese in Calgary anything special? I'm looking for something beyond steak and trout, although recommendations along those lines would be appreciated, too.
And I've already blown the budget, so that doesn't matter.
Amandadp August 20, 2013
Are you looking to try anything in particular? Likes/dislikes? Budget?
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