Help. I need a great restaurant in lower Manhattan for tomorrow night (Saturday). Looking for a place that focuses on vegetables. Excellent vegetables




Pegeen January 10, 2015
This won't help you because the only restaurant mentioned, I believe, that's really vegetable-centric is Dirt Candy which hasn't re-opened yet. And it's Saturday afternoon already (hello, reservations!). But it's a fun read.

From NY magazine, Grub Street: The lengths NYC chefs go to, to get the fresh vegetables they want.
Panfusine January 9, 2015
Il Verdure the vegetarian restaurant at Eataly, some of the most spectacular vegetarian offerings I've had.
dinner A. January 9, 2015
Le Verdure in Eataly is as vegetable focused as the name suggests, and was excellent on my one visit. The atmosphere may or may not work for you depending on what you're after -- it is pleasant but contiguous with the rest of the food emporium, so relatively casual.
Many people love the vegetables at ABC Kitchen. I've never been but like their recipes that I've used.
Too bad Dirt Candy is temporarily closed (they're moving to a bigger space). Keep them in mind for the future!

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Posie (. January 9, 2015
The Fat Radish, Jack's Wife Freda, Telepan Local, or EN Japanese Brasserie would all be good and have lots of good vegetable dishes!!
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