Zatar is a wonderful spice that I have been looking for and just wondered if it would be offered along with the other spices in the Provisions Pantry?



cdilaura August 23, 2013
Hi Promisme,

We love Oaktown Spice Shop's Zahtar and do have plans to stock it -- hopefully in September. John hand-blends everything to order, so it's really fantastic. I'll let you know when it's in Provisions!

-- Christina
David August 23, 2013
For spices you use a fair amount it's always better to buy whole and grind and to make your own blends. Fraud is rampant in the spice industry in India and many asian countries with cheap fillers commonly used.
Maedl August 23, 2013
Zataar is a blend of herbs, salt and sesame seeds . You can easily make it yourself. There are lots of versions, but here is one to get you started.
BeijingRose August 23, 2013
If they don't have it take a look at any Middle Eastern or even Greek market, Arab markets (especially ones with Halal foods)--it's the PERFECT herb to sprinkle on a buttered pita bread before you bake!
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