Can anyone recommend a recipe for a medium chicken curry dish. I need to feed around 20 people.

  • Posted by: runrig99
  • November 27, 2010


pauljoseph November 27, 2010
Try this recipe you can make without curry leaf if not available
amysarah November 27, 2010
Assuming you mean an Indian chicken curry (i.e., not a Thai one,) my go-to recipe has become chef Floyd Cardoz's (of the wonderful NYC restaurant, Tabla) Bombay Chicken Curry. A really good 'classic' version. You can vary the heat by the amount of chilies, the cayenne, etc. The recipe, courtesy of Adam Roberts (The Amateur Gourmet blog) complete with a video:

Another note, re: the coconut milk - use a decent brand - I've cheaped out on lesser ones and been disappointed by their lack of coconut-y richness. This recipe is written for '4' but I usually get more like 5 servings - especially if served over basmati rice. (You can obviously multiply to increase the servings.)
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