sweet hot-pepper condiment

I'm looking for a recipe, or even a name, for a sweet hot-pepper condiment as served at the Falafel Drive-In in
San Jose, California. It was fairly sweet and thick and had whole hot peppers in it -- I believe the peppers used were dried rather than fresh.
I no longer live in that area, and I really miss it. I don't even know the name of the condiment, which makes finding a recipe a little difficult. ;) If anyone has an idea of what it might be or is familiar with the drive-in and can help out, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks



beejay45 August 27, 2013
Ah! I was hoping someone on here would be familiar with the place. Thanks so much. When I still lived near them, I tried asking what it was called, and all I got was a mumbled, "Hot sauce." Not big no charm there. ;) Yet we all keep coming back, so they're doing things right in the food department.
HalfPint August 26, 2013
It's harissa. This looks like a close approximation of the Falafel Drive-In sauce, http://www.splendidtable.org/recipes/falafel

But isn't that one dang fine sauce?! May have to go to Falafel Drive-In soon for the sauce and the banana shake.
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