I made a cucumber soup from a recipe here (Chilled cucumber soup with yogurt and fresh mint) but the pepper I used (a tobago pepper from my garden) turned out to be very hot. How do I tame down the heat in my cold soup?

  • Posted by: AlainB
  • July 25, 2010


TheWimpyVegetarian August 18, 2010
Dairy is a great way to tame heat! Adding lime juice can do the trick too and would go with the flavors here. On a side note I also know someone who swears by adding tequila to tame heat when he makes chili.
AlainB August 16, 2010
I added some yogurt, it mellowed it out.
Amanda H. July 25, 2010
You have a couple of choices. You can try to dilute the heat by adding more of everything else. You could add mashed potato or bread to soften the blow, but it sounds like that wouldn't be such a great choice for a fresh cucumber soup -- this method works better with heartier winter soups.
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